Mission & Vision

Forensic Archaeology Recovery (FAR) is a non-profit volunteer organization whose mission is to provide technical assistance for locating and recovering evidence in cold cases dedicated to children and the elderly. FAR is also dedicated to assisting, at the invitation of local, state, or federal agencies in recording and recovery of human remains and associated personal effects or other materials at mass-fatality disaster sites. Adhering to protocols determined by the authorities having jurisdiction, materials recovered are entered into a valid chain of custody for victim identification.

All recoveries utilize appropriate methods of both the archaeological and forensic sciences, which ensure legal and judicial credibility for any and all recoveries.

This undertaking is, first and foremost, to assist in bringing a measure of comfort to relatives and friends of missing individuals. We are also dedicated to providing assistance at disaster sites in the recovery of personal effect or human remains to help the process of closure and healing for those individuals left behind.

FAR’s Roles Include:
1. Bringing comfort to survivors by providing answers about the fate of loved ones
2. Advocating for victims by ensuring that all investigatory tools are brought to bear
3. Providing resources to authorities in the form of trained personnel and equipment to aid in investigations
4. Protecting environmental and cultural resources for the good of the community

FAR’s Expertise Includes:
1. Standard field survey and mapping
2. Standard excavation and recording
3. Underwater recording and recovery
4. Non-invasive imaging of the sub-surface
5. Proper chain of custody and field safety procedures